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North Seattle Robotic Group was founded at NSCC and now operates at the They Shall Walk Institute Research Lab in Georgetown of Seattle Washington.  The lab is located at 6266 13th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108  

NSRG meets weekley, Check the Schedule at


Meetings will resume in November 2009.  The new lab is undergoing remodeling.  Want to volunteer to help get the lab open?  go to  http://www.theyshallwalk.org/contact.asp

NORTH SEATTLE ROBOTICS GROUP at NSCC (North Seattle Commmunity College) 9600 College Way North CC 0-3-48A    The LIFESUIT mobility device, Powered Brace update website.


This Web site features the LIFESUIT mobility robotic pants designed so paralyzed persons can wear it and walk again.  The working prototype was constructed and tested July 26, 2003.  Patent Pending.  The LIFESUIT was invented in 1986 by Monty Reed while he was convelesing at Silas B Hayes Army Community Hospital.  The LIFESUIT was inspired by the 'Powered Suits' soldiers wore in Robert Heinlein's book "Starship Troopers" 

We are taking applications for BETA TESTERS now. 


We are always seeking volunteers! Contact Us if you are interested in sharing your time and talents.

If you are paralyzed and in otherwise, excelent shape you may apply, send an email to lictonsprings@yahoo.com

Check out the research presentations:

SRS July 2006 http://www.seattlerobotics.org/presentations/2006-07-15-ExoskeletonEvolution.pdf

for fun goto www.washington.edu and search for monty reed



UW Research Symposium SESSION I: 1:30 3:00PM

Donations can be made directly to They Shall Walk by a deposit into any US Bank

or by mail to They Shall Walk 6201 15th Ave NW #542, Seattle, WA 98107

In kind donations of time, materials, and equipment may also be made and may qualify for a tax deductible reciept.

Internships are availible. 

NSCC in the News, King 5 March 13 2005 click to view VIDEO







For more detailed information goto www.theyshallwalk.org